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Amayadori Estudio de arquitectura en A Coruña
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Architecture Studio

雨宿り – Amayadori

“Taking Shelter from the Rain”

Amayadori is an architecture studio founded by Javier Cid and Sebastián Óscar Hernández. It is the result of our years of international experience, travels around the world, and countless sleepless nights.

Born in Ibiza in 2020, still under the guidance of Blacam & Meagher, and finally established in A Coruña in 2021, we are an architecture studio specializing in residential design, renovation, decoration, and interior design.

As a new generation of architects in A Coruña, we seek to bring tradition and ancient habits into the 21st century, providing all our clients with dignified and welcoming spaces, incorporating all the advantages and cutting-edge technical advances without losing sight of what makes a house a home.




We are immensely grateful to Blacam & Meagher, the studio where we originated, for all the training and trust placed in us, especially to John Meagher, whose path was always worth following and who has supported our studio idea since day one.

John Meagher 1947 - 2021

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